PNY Quadro RTX 4000 Graphic Card – 8 GB GDDR6



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Quadro RTX 4000 combines the NVIDIA Turing GPU architecture with the latest memory and display technologies, to deliver the best performance and features in a single-slot PCI-e form factor. Enjoy greater fluidity with photorealistic rendering, experience faster performance with AI-enabled applications and create detailed, lifelike VR experiences more cost-effectively and across a broader range of workstation chassis configurations.

Quadro RTX 4000 features 36 RT cores to accelerate ray tracing, 288 Tensor cores to accelerate AI and 8 GB GDDR6 memory to accommodate large datasets. It is equipped with three DisplayPort 1.4 connectors with HDR support and features the latest VirtualLink connector (that can also drive a DisplayPort panel via an included USB Type-C to DP adapter) to simplify connectivity to next-gen VR HMDs. Additionally, in conjunction with Quadro Sync II you can deploy massive digital signage solutions with higher density and at lower cost.


  • CUDA Cores: 2304
  • NVIDIA RT Cores: 36
  • GPU Memory: 8GB GDDR6
  • RTX-OPS: 43 T
  • Rays Cast: 6.0 Giga Rays/Sec
  • Peak Single Precision FP32 Performance: 7.1 TFLOPS
  • Peak Half Precision FP16 Performance: 14.2 TFLOPS
  • Peak Integer Operations INT8 Performance: 28.5 TFLOPS
  • Deep LearningPerformance: 5 TFLOPS.
  • Memory Bandwidth: 416 GB/Sec
  • System Interface: PCI Express 3.0 x16
  • Display Connectors: DP 1.4 (3) + DVI-D DL (1) + Stereo

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