Home Networking

Need help setting up and securing your wireless network? Need to share a printer among all the PC’s in your home? Or do you want to share your documents, or stream media between each of your PC’s? At KyTrade we can service all your networking needs.

Service Description Price
Home Wireless Setup We will setup and secure your wireless router in your home $60 with purchase of a router
Network Troubleshooting We will troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve issues with your home network $75 per hour
Printer and File Sharing We will setup your network to share printers and/or files amongst all the computers or a selection of the computers on your network $75 per hour
Sync your Documents If you are tired of losing your documents to an unfortunately timed hard drive crash, let us put your mind at ease. We can sync your documents to the cloud so anytime, anywhere, on any pc you always have access to all your documents $75 per hour